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Our Objective for You … “Read Less, Get Smarter”

We spent our careers on Wall Street pursuing insightful and impactful stock ideas. Our goal with Daily Investor Insights is to apply our highly honed critical screening to curate and summarize the best ideas from the massive amount of stock market/investment idea flow generated daily by the 25+ major digital and broadcast investor channels and Wall Street equity research. Thus, our objective for you, “Read Less, Get Smarter”.

The challenge of having access to so much investor news flow, especially in a world where anyone who has an opinion and can easily share it, is taking the time to screen and read through all of the clutter to find what matters the most. As investors, we were spending hours every morning sifting through this mountain of flow. The objective of Daily Investor Insights is to do this for you at a highly discerning level. We will save you time by summarizing (and commenting on) what we believe are the best ideas of the day and providing links the related articles. Thus, for our viewers: Read Less, Get Smarter

The last thing we will do is post articles just for the sake of having content on our site. This is about quality, being smart and minimizing clutter so you can use your time efficiently to stay informed. With this in mind, here is more detail on our screening/reading and posting process.

“Market/Stock Impacting Perspectives” – These are the most insightful articles we can find on some aspect of the broader stock market, economy or business world and the most differentiated and insightful perspectives opinions on specific stocks. We should note, everyday there are major events in the markets that are reported by literally every media outlet which we may or may not post depending on if we can find the one article with a unique perspective.

“Research Run Down” – Each day we sort through the massive amount of Wall Street stock research that is published looking for the most differentiated analyst views. How do we define differentiated? We look for analyst opinions that are exceptionally thoughtful and unique that may be counter to the Street consensus view of a stock. For example: understanding the components of an analyst’s Neutral or Sell rating on a stock, while most of the 15 other covering analysts are Buy rated. Or an analyst’s well thought out opinion on a stock that supports a Buy rating, even though the stock price has declined materially, and vice versa. Examples of what we are likely not interested in is an analyst upgrade to say the 20th Buy rating on a stock after it has already moved up materially or valuation calls. Regardless, each day we will bring you what we believe are the best research calls.

“Stock Movers” – Every day stock prices move materially up and down. It can be challenging and frustrating to figure out what is driving these stock actions. We will endeavor to figure out why the big movers are moving and if there are any derivative factors that might impact other stocks with similar drivers.

“Broadcast Highlights” – It is important to monitor the investor news flow on the broadcast channels in part to understand the consensus view of the market or a specific stock. There are also many high quality insights by the hosts and guests on these stock market programs. But there is also a lot of noise created by a parade of “talking heads” across CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business News with very simplistic views and opinions backed by little (or no) meaningful work. Having said that, there is an incredible amount of important content generated from interviews with CEOs and prominent/truly smart portfolio managers who occasionally do share interesting market perspectives and stock ideas. We will post the best videos.

“In Case You Missed It” – We screen/read through a lot of content. This category is an outlet to post articles we run across outside of the market/business world that are uniquely entertaining, interesting or humorous, we hope often the type of content you might forward to your friends.

Content Flow – For those viewers who are interested in more closely monitoring market events, new content is posted to Daily Investor Insights throughout the day, although most flow will happen prior to the open through the first couple hours of trading. Also, if you chose to check out the site less frequently, an archive of all posts and stock calls can easily be accessed by clicking through the category headers, so you won’t miss anything. With the mobile site, DII is particularly useful when traveling or away from your computer when it becomes challenging to stay on top of market and stock specific events and research ideas.

We hope you find our site useful to keep you updated on what is happening in the markets each day. We are definitely open to suggestions on how we can make the site more useful, so feel free to let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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