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  • Analyst believes that leasing growth in 2021 will improve significantly from domestic and international contributions following a trough year in 2020.
  • He thinks the cell tower stocks are the most defensible subsector in his sector as they have non-cyclical demand characteristics.
  • The stock is down 4.2% and down "only" 13% from its February high.
  • Analyst calls the stock one of the most defensible/oversold stocks he covers with the stock down more than 50% since February.
  • He notes that the majority of Six Flag's parks are predominantly open during summer.
  • Hes says that the risk of the company violating debt covenants is low.
  • Analyst calls the stock his top name in the midcap advertising space.
  • With the stock down 40%+, he cites the company's rebound of daily user growth and accelerating revenue growth and consensus concerns over 1Q active user growth are "overblown".
  • The stock is down 3.2% today.
  • Some of today's downgrades with analysts largely citing negative macro factors.
  • BP, Occidental, Hilton Hotels, MGM, Host Hotels, Hexcel, Spirit AeroSystems,

Boeing (BA): -9.1%

  • Company just reported 46 cancelled orders for February and will draw down its $13.8 billion loan as a precaution.
  • Stock weak despite reporting a strong 4Q, sales comps and forward guidance.
  • Seems analysts are concerned with margins and inventory levels.
  • After two years of restricted supply of memory chips, the analyst believes that the memory chip market is well positioned to limit downside risk from the impact of coronavirus.
  • Analyst says near-term demand has been strong and believes Micron represents a "compelling" way to invest in the positive long-term memory tailwinds.
  • Analyst made the following ratings changes: Burlington Stores to OUTPERFORM (-.6% today), American Eagle to OUTPERFORM (-5.6%), Zumiez (ZUMZ) to NEUTRAL (-.9%).
  • We tend not to highlight valuation calls, and given the still very murky retail environment and underlying fundamentals of these stocks, these calls seem early.
  • Likely take out by Infineon.

Stitch Fix (SFIX): -27.9%

  • Although the company beat 2Q estimates, it guided materially down the 2nd half of 2020 citing a weak macro environment, the impact of Brexit on its UK business and investment in human resources.